The Best Exercise To Make Your Dick Bigger

big-cock-1238714_640Many gurus sharing an exercise to make your dick bigger leave out two very important details; that is the two to three days break from the routine to allow healing of penile tissues and keeping your dick protected from injury. Overdoing exercises can cause harm and doesn’t help you achieve growth at all. It is also important that you apply heat from a towel soaked in warm water for a few minutes, and then wring the towel semi-dry before wrapping it around your dick. The heat is your sole protection from exercise injuries.

Now, there are three basic – but very effective – exercises to achieve a longer, thicker and helps in coming up with stronger erections. While each exercise to make your dick bigger is different from the others, be reminded to take off 2-3 days, and the towel wrap before each routine.

The first exercise is called dick stretching. With your index finger and thumb, form an “OK” hand sign. Then grab your dick head firmly and stretch your dick in front for fifteen seconds. Shake your dick for restored blood circulation after this, and repeat the process several times. These times, stretch your dick up, down or left, making sure you stretched it in all these instances to all directions.

The next routine helps you get a bulkier dick and it’s called the Jelq routine. You would need a lubricant to perform this exercise. Even with a semi-erection, this routine is possible. Like the first exercise, just form an “OK” grip and then move your hand firmly but gently to the dick head. Once you reach the head, do the same with your other hand until such time that you’ve done this exercise a hundred times. Remember, to keep the blood flow healthy, always shake your dick after each session.

Once you’re done with the Jelq exercise to make your dick bigger in terms of thickness, you could increase the routine to 125. Of course, take a few days off after this. After a month, you’d have attained 200 Jelq exercises.

The last exercise is called the PC flex which gives you stronger and added virility. Unlike the other two, this exercise activates the PC muscles that are responsible for holding your erection longer. It’s simply about repeatedly squeezing your dick for five second and then letting go. It’s best to start with 50 repetitions, gradually increasing twenty more each week.

Like any health and body building exercises, consistency is a must to achieve long lasting results. While it may take a while to see the effects on an exercise to make your dick bigger, discipline yourself to do the routines properly and consistently and your effort will surely pay off. The best thing about this exercise is that it does not take very long and it will help you to have a bigger dick for life. We’ve already discussed the Jelqing method which is the contraction and flexing exercise of the sphincter muscle, which is used to control both the urinary flows and bowel movements as well. There’s a very strong muscle and one that controls a lot of the dick activity since it needs to our inseparably attached.