Sex Positions To Give A Girl An Orgasm That Is Intense And Long

pussy-eating-1238553_640Women outlast men in bed so often that it is a joke. If you have this problem check out these three hot sex positions and three hot tips to make yourself last longer in bed. It is more a strategy and then a decision than a physical capability. Read these powerful tips and then try it tonight…

Women can have seven different types of orgasms and hundreds of thousands of combinations of orgasms. Most of these climaxes are not determined by the penis. If men want to turn their woman on like never before they should learn these orgasm types and some of the combinations. The combinations can be obtained in many positions, but some positions are easier than others to succeed.

Ask her about her wildest and best-unfulfilled fantasy.

Then, mentally, help her obtain a no-touch orgasm. Many women can readily achieve this. They can do this by getting scalding and internally rubbing themselves.

This is a very hot orgasm and seems to put them in a state that they want more orgasms much more. You can do this in any position, but I prefer a car, a picnic on the beach, or something out of the ordinary. Not the bed.

Some women feel self-conscious after a no-touch orgasm, but you should tell her that it is great. Not every woman can have one and if she can then she is very fortunate. Now even if she doesn’t have one she will be so turned on that she will be ravenous for your touch! So, either way, you win!

Give her the wildest oral and manual orgasms she’s ever had!

Obviously, you want to reach all of her hot spots so I’d suggest a position where she is lying on the bed. Then, slowly turn her to go by lots of kissing and hot making out. Make her tell you or bring your hand to her breasts. That’s when you know she’s ready for the next step. Then suck and lick her nipples like they are the greatest in the world. If you do it right, you have a great chance to give her a breast orgasm.

When she’s taken your hand or asked you to go between her legs then you know she’s ready. Work her clit slowly, lightly, but steadily. Tease her so much she can’t stand it. After she has a clitoral orgasm, work on her g-spot. It will take a more persistent, firm pressure. Use two fingers and give her a “come hither” touch. After she has had this orgasm, and perhaps combinations of the above, you are actually ready for the main event.

Now is the time for intercourse!

She will not ask you when she gets to this point. She will TELL YOU! She will PULL YOU DOWN! That’s how you know. She will beg you for it. If she is lying on the edge of the bed, with her hips upraised by a pillow or love mat, and you are standing up at the foot of the bed, you can hit all of her spots!

Let her guide you to what feels great. She will tell you in terms you can’t mistake. Slowly rub against her clit and her g-spot. Now you should be so ready to go! Since she’s had some introductory orgasms, she will be willing for you to take her to heaven. She doesn’t want you to take her to the prom – she wants you to take her to the moon!