Proper Prostate Massage: Three Key Techniques

Milk After Stimulating the ProstateMost men realize that massaging the prostate is not only therapeutic but also pleasurable. However, finding the right massage technique isn’t always an easy task. The prostate is located about two inches up the perineum and is accessible through the anus which can make massage a challenge. There are a few key ways to massage this area effectively, so use these techniques to get started.

1. Beginning Method

If you’re not familiar with prostate massage, start with your legs slightly elevated. You may even want to stick a pillow underneath your middle. Start massaging your anus and the surrounding area. Keep in mind that using a lubricant will make this process easier. After you feel comfortable, gently press your index finger inside your anus until you notice a chestnut-sized bump. This is the prostate. Slowly use your index finger to make the “come here” motion. The pad of your finger can be facing towards or away from the prostate and adjust your speed as desired.

2. Intermediate Technique

In many cases, using your hand to massage your prostate may be challenging or difficult. If you’re careful, you can try using a small object such as a wooden drumstick. Only use a drumstick that has a rounded end and is no larger than the width of a finger. Using a condom and lubricant, start off on your hands and knees. Gently insert the drumstick into your anus until you come to the prostate. Maintain a light pressure and slowly slide the drumstick out about an inch. Continue with the backward and forward motion of the drumstick a comfortable amount of times. Use caution and avoid any jerky or rough movements.

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Final Technique

This final technique is similarly effective and can be used with a tool or a probe. You can purchase a commercial probe designed to massage the prostate and these tools can be very effective. Make sure to follow the directions and always use a lubricant for safety. Choose the position that’s easiest to maintain, keeping in mind that many men find that laying on their side or stomach is the easiest position. Insert the probe approximately four to five inches within the rectum and apply light but firm pressure towards the gland. You’ll feel an intense sensation when you reach the right area. Continue applying light pressure while pulling the drumstick out about two inches. You should feel a drop in the intensity at this time. Release the pressure and gently slide the probe in. Repeat this about five to ten times. For the last time, slide the probe in and hold pressure on the prostate, counting to ten. Jiffle lightly and then release the pressure. Repeat this step two or three times as desired.

You’ll notice after using these techniques that you’ll feel revitalized and experience greater blood flow to the area. Repeat as desired but always use caution. Without the appropriate technique. you’ll find that prostate massage is easier and more effective than ever. Try these techniques, starting with the first one and advance to find the best option for you.