Powerful Techniques to Masturbate and Finger a Girl

fingering-499756_640Foreplay is a very important aspect in getting you and your woman in the mood for sex. Most women find good foreplay essential for an explosive sex session. Using your fingers to do everything the right way will get your partner super wet and wanting you even more. The first thing you need to do is to turn her on. It is imperative before you begin working your way down her tummy using your hand that you turn her on fully first. Most women cannot resist the feeling of a stroke at the knees.

You can also kiss her gently along the collar bone area and generally make out with her passionately. Ensure that you know how to handle her breasts as you perform breast play on her. Once she appears to be completely turned on, initiate your fingers to give her maximum pleasure and an experience to remember. Herein are some of the techniques to masturbate and finger a girl that will come handy during your steamy moment between the sheets.

Up And Down Stroke

This powerful masturbation technique will get our girl started and is very easy to perform. Using one of your fingers, focus on the clit by rubbing up and down on one side of her vagina. If you want to stimulate her more, rub your finger precisely over her clit.

Finger Fucking

Most people refer to this technique as “fingering”. While finger fucking is the most popular way to finger a girl, most men don’t have any idea about it. Use one or two fingers that have been lubed to enter your girl. Begin with one finger and then introduce the second one if it is necessary. Start by focusing only on the first part of the vagina (around the opening) since it has numerous nerve ends. Move your finger in and out slowly while twisting your wrist in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction simultaneously. While at this, you can include clitoral stimulation so that she feels even better.

Continuous Orgasms

Women can have continuous orgasm after the climax period if you slow down right after orgasm, then keep on stimulating her once again.

The Squeeze

The squeeze is performed by placing your thumb and index finger on both sides of your girl’s clitoris. The next step will be to press down and inwards so that you are squeezing the folds of skin around the clit. Ensure that you begin with very moderate pressure.

Don’t Stop

Stopping when your girl is this close to orgasm is one of the worst things you could do. Keep working on her and do whatever it takes to get her over the edge. She may want a more vigor, thrusting pressure on her G spot which include a very intense flickering on her clitoris’s sweet spot as her orgasm builds. Just follow her moans, body language, and verbal commands but do not stop no matter what.

While masturbating and fingering your girl, you need to focus on two places, the G spot and the clitoris. It is also important to work the slopes and angles of her vagina to your advantage when fingering her.