Effects of Different Foods on Your Body Fluids and How to Improve Your Cum Taste

Hot girl waiting to receive a sweet shotEvery secretion from our body is affected by what we eat. Sperm taste is among such body fluids. Even though it is yet to be proven scientifically, a few adjustments in your daily diet can enhance and make your semen taste better. Therefore, just like any other secreted fluid from the body, cum can taste better, or worse, based on the regular dietary intake. Cum is made up of 90% seminal fluids comprising of fructose protein, as well as different mineral and nutrient traces. It is scientifically neutral with a pH of seven, though it has a slightly acidic taste. How can you get a sweeter taste?
Every male individual has a unique taste that is exclusive to him. However, this taste is normally the same: with a salty or bitter. Here are some things you may consider that will help you to enhance the taste of your cum.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is a crucial element in the human body. The seminal fluid is mostly comprised of water. This, in turn, affects the amount and taste of your seminal fluid. If you have an insufficient amount of water in your body, the amount of your ejaculate will be low in amount and may as well have a bad taste. Therefore, ensure you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. Sufficient water intake will not only eliminate toxins in your body – making your semen taste better, but also increase its volume leading to a more pleasurable sexual experience. Cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

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All these have a negative outcome on your general health. A continuous intake of these substances is known to make semen taste bitter. Ensure you avoid illegal drugs and quit smoking. Nonetheless, a moderated intake of alcohol may not have a negative impact on your sexual health. However, it may still affect the taste of your seminal fluid.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Keeping your body healthy is more likely to produce better-tasting semen as compared to a diseased body. Plan for regular physical checkups and ensure you are treated for any undiagnosed and diagnosed illnesses alike. Prescribed medications may also affect this taste, making it bitter. If this is the case, you cannot stop the intake of such medication to improve the taste of your body fluids, as this would compromise your health. However, you can consult and incorporate such medications with certain foods that would help reduce the sour taste.

Avoid Caffeine

An excessive intake of caffeine may not be a good idea if you intend to have better-tasting cum. Remember that this taste is often slightly salty. Therefore, whatever you ingest may make it temporarily sweeter or bitter.


As mentioned above, it cannot be said for sure that particular foods will improve the taste of your semen. Yet, various men have found that certain foods can help make it tastier and sweeter. Cinnamon is particularly acclaimed to make semen fluids taste better, as it is noted in detail in this article from Paco Penne in The Adonis Alpha. The simple incorporation of cinnamon into your regular diet is a simple way of temporarily boosting a man’s cum taste.