Best Foods to Increase Your Cum Load

sperm-load-956480_640Every man desires to experience improved skills in bed for the benefit of both partners. For some, loads of sperm increase the chances of having children and for others, it increases the level of pleasure experienced during sex. But, have you ever thought how you would ejaculate more but can’t find a viable way to do so? Well, forget the sexual pills and surgery for now and try some natural tactics; the foods you eat. An abundance of sperm production is usually a sign that the testosterone level is high and your reproductive system is healthy. And so if you can stick to a certain diet, then you can start shooting huge cumshots every time you get intimate with your partner. Here are major foods that can increase your sperm volume.

1. Eggs

Eggs are charged with high protein and Vitamin E and that are largely responsible for the production of healthy and strong sperm in your testicles. In addition to that, studies have shown that eggs can prevent sperm cells from being destroyed by free radicals. Reasonable amount of eggs in your diet simply means healthy sperms and lots of cum.

2. Dark Chocolate

Loaded with L-Arginine, dark chocolate is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac you can try out. L-Arginine is basically an amino acid that that can not only increase your semen volume but also improve the intensity of your orgasm. Always remember to eat chocolate with moderation as overdoing it will make you gain weight which will in turn reduce your testosterone and subsequently your sperm count.

3. Bananas 

Ripe bananas contain Bromelain enzyme that is responsible for increased libido in males. They also have lots of Vitamin B that can increase your stamina, thus ensuring you have more energy for sexual encounters. With that, you can enjoy a harder erection and even shoot huge volumes of cum.

4. Oysters

These creatures of the sea are rich in Zinc, a mineral that is responsible for increased testosterone levels and sperm production. Sufficient amounts of this mineral guarantees you improved sexual desire, increased pleasure during sexual encounters and higher chances of conceiving.

5. Spinach 

Leafy green spinach is rich in folic acid. When your body experiences low levels of folate, there are increased chances of distorted sperm shapes i.e. sperms with two heads or two tails. Alongside helping you have high volumes of sperm, eating lots of spinach allows you to experience the following:

-Reduced risk of chromosomal abnormalities

-Sperms can easily reach the egg and fertilize it

-Reduced chances of birth defects

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Highly rich in phytosterols, pumpkin seeds can improve testosterone production to sufficient levels that can help increase your sperm count as well as your semen volume. And with the seeds also having high contents of essential fatty acids, there’s improved blood flow to the male reproductive system, which helps you enjoy stronger erection and proper ejaculation during sex.

7. Ginseng

For centuries now, Ginseng has been used as a powerful herb for improving sexual skills, based on its virility effects on men. Essentially, feeding on sufficient amounts increases your sexual drive, enhances your sexual performance and most importantly allows you to ejaculate more. The herb has also been use in treating erectile dysfunctions thus helping patients enjoy increased semen volume as well as sperm production.


If you’ve been experiencing low production of sperm count and little ejaculation, now you have all the ingredients to help you turn your once ordinary sperm to a super-sperm. All these foods can help you achieve double your cum load and that will help you enjoy improved sexual pleasure and that of your partner. The diet is simply the cheapest and most effective way to go if you’re experiencing low sperm volume.