Multiple Male Orgasms: Myth or Fact?

Cum twice in a rowThe female orgasm might be a huge mystery to all men, but the male orgasm is pretty straightforward, eh? Women have the ability to cum multiple times and they can orgasm through both vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. This might cause performance anxiety in most men since the majority of us are unable to get ready for round two after we’re spent. The word majority might have grabbed your attention. “Surely”, you must be thinking, “No man can have multiple orgasms, that only happens in porn.” However, you are wrong, my skeptical friend. There are ways to help you cum more than once in a row and I’m not talking about mystical “tantric sex”. There are proven and effective ways to either delay your orgasm or not lose your erection post orgasm.

Generally, men have a refractory period post orgasm. This is the time you need to recover from the past session and become erect again. Common sense and common experience will tell us that it is impossible to be ready before the refractory period is over, some experts might beg to differ. You could use certain methods to keep the blood supply going, methods like:

1) Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises were developed so that people could have more effective bladder control. The system was designed to help women recover after giving birth. However, these exercises can also help you improve your sexual performance. The aim of these exercises is to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Clenching your sphincter and stopping midway while peeing is a good way to identify and locate your pelvic muscles. The exercises are very simple and can be done anytime with no one noticing. All you need to do is contract your pelvic muscles and hold them for a brief interval of time and then relax again. Repeat this maneuver for a while. These exercises will help you develop good pelvic control which automatically results in good sexual performance.

2) Practice

Practice by masturbation or the use of sex toys. It is important for you to understand your body’s natural rhythm. When you are about to finish, grab the top of your shaft and delay the orgasm. With enough practice, you should be able to delay your moment of release without using your hands. Masturbation helps you better understand your body. Practicing with your partner can also help. After all, you performing better in bed results in happier times for her, so never hesitate to ask for a hand. Pun definitely intended.

There are other ways to cum more than once in a row for men. Prostate stimulation is supposed to be very effective for enhanced sexual pleasure in men. You could use toys or ask your partner to help you stimulate your prostate during sex. It is also possible for men to experience orgasms through prostate stimulation only.

Scientifically speaking, an erection is just blood flow to the penis. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your circulatory system working perfectly, your erections should last longer and the refractory period should decrease. Eating right and working out in addition to these techniques will definitely take you a step further.

A Health Guide On How to Increase Your Sperm Count in 3 Easy Ways

Ejaculate Sperm FurtherMale fertility is an important topic of discussion in everyone’s life; this is because it determines our sex life, our personal relationship with our spouses and also forms a strong basis in family planning. Over the number of years there has been a growing concern of male infertility issues and as such there is a strong need to understand the causes of male infertility, aspects that affect male fertility, causes of infertility and most importantly learn on the ways to improve your sperm count so as to boost your chances of having a baby with your spouse.


Below are the major factors that affect your fertility as a man:

· Libido (Sex drive); this refers to your desire of having sex. Having a low sex drive greatly decreases fertility in men.

· Erectile dysfunction; this is where you are unable to maintain or develop an erection.

· Sperm count; refers to the overall number of sperm cells in a given amount of semen. Your sperm count also determines your semen’s quality.

· Testosterone levels; Testosterone is a sex hormone that regulates your sex drive as a man, it’s responsible for bone mass, muscle strength, and fat distribution. Having a low testosterone level accounts as the major cause of infertility.

Sperm motility; this refers to the movement of a sperm in a given sample of semen. In order to have normal sperm motility, you must have a sperm movement of at least 40 percent.

So how can one increase his sperm count? Watch the video above and discover 3 powerful unheard ingredients that will have him shooting loads in no time.


1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise keeps your body strong and fit. Regular exercise also increases your testosterone levels which in turn leads to the production of more sperms. Moreover, regular exercise greatly improves your semen quality. Therefore, find a good workable exercise routine (it’s advisable to lift heavy weights). However, ensure that you don’t over-exercise as over-exercising causes the body to release adrenal steroid hormones which are responsible for testosterone deficiency. Also, avoid consuming anabolic steroids; such steroids are used by people to build up their muscles quickly, but at the same time these steroids will shrink your testicles causing infertility.

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2. Avoid exposing your testicles to too much heat

Excessive heat is another major cause of male infertility. Exposing your testicles to too much heat is harmful to your sperms as heat reduces sperm motility and in worse cases it kills them. Moreover, when your testicles are exposed to too much heat, they are not able to sufficiently produce enough sperms. Avoid wearing tight jeans or pants, wear loose underwear’s made of cotton, and if possible sleep without underwear and finally avoid hot baths or saunas.

3. Reduce your stress level

Stress reduces sperm production. Prolonged stress raises the level of the hormone cortisol which has an inverse relationship with the hormone testosterone i.e. when cortisol goes up, testosterone levels go down. Reduce stress by trying out relaxing techniques such as meditation, practicing yoga, talking a nature walk, and spending some quality time with friends. Also try and get enough sleep as exhaustion is a major cause of increased stress.


Male infertility is caused by many factors such as genetics, general health, fitness issues, diseases, and dietary contaminants. However, low sperm count accounts as the major cause of male infertility among men and as such, necessary steps ought to be undertaken so as to improve one’s sperm count. The major ways to improve your sperm count are as discussed above (Ensure you exercise regularly, avoid exposing your testicles to too much heat and reduce your stress levels).

3 Sure Bet Ways to Make Her Cum

Girl wanting to orgasmWhen I was a newbie in matters love, satisfying my girlfriend, leave alone making her moan with even a pretentious pleasure was unachievable. After she broke up with me for a more “experienced” guy, I swore to myself I will never suffer a similar fate on my new catch.

Asking my kin or even friends about this was hard. I had grown shy, lost self-esteem but dry-spells made my days unbearable. I revolved to seek for information. The first place I opted for that would grant me the incognito I deserved was the internet. I secretly Googled the topic but the information came across was mostly generic, somehow outdated but good to go by. What I found through 5 years of agony, and trying out on my girlfriend, I am glad to share with you so that you suffer no more. Here are 3 sure bet ways to make your girl tremble with an electric orgasm and come back for more.

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Go Oral

According to study, 70% of women are likely to cum through oral stimulation. Guys, stop delving into her like a rugby
try. Scientifically speaking, a woman’s stimulation is the emotional while for a man is physical. Go slow on her. Start with romp romance, genital stimulation, deep kissing and hot caresses. Wait! While at it, create an ambient environment; dim warm lighting and sweet romantic music. I prefer instrumentals because lyrics might interfere with her moods.

Make her feel appreciated. Complement her beauty. Take a keen interest in her most sensitive body areas. Remember, a woman’s body is not a constitution to be read and interpreted in the same manner. After you identify her trigger points, go slow on her and use them strategically to heave her from one cloud to another. However, await cloud nine.

Figure out Her Terminals: Clitoris and G-Spot

While romancing, rest assured a woman’s G-Spot, unlike the clitoris, is hard to find. Do not pop your hand into
the pot of gold before the right time. Go systematically. Use your conscience as you rub gently on her panty back and forth. When you identify the C and G, rub them slowly while kissing and caressing with the other hand. Some guys prefer going down south tongue-wise. Great! However, I advise that you know your STI status and hygiene. Sometimes, a woman will let go at this point, especially when you “professionally” suck the juice out her pussy.

Give Her the Dick

When you do the above skillfully, she will be panting, squeezing, hissing and begging for your now hard-struck dick.
Deny her not the pleasure. Gently play with your shaft back and forth the vaginal vales to the clit. This is also essential to wet your dick. Insert. Slowly boss. Shallow. Most girls distaste deep sex though they won’t tell you. I always advise three sex positions to complement her cumming. These are missionary magician, double doggy style and the lean back cowgirl. Be gentle. Let her control the thrust speed. Let her explore her orgasmic zones using your hard dick. Comply and as sure as I tell you, you will hear her grasp your body with explosive organismic thrusting.


Effects of Different Foods on Your Body Fluids and How to Improve Your Cum Taste

Hot girl waiting to receive a sweet shotEvery secretion from our body is affected by what we eat. Sperm taste is among such body fluids. Even though it is yet to be proven scientifically, a few adjustments in your daily diet can enhance and make your semen taste better. Therefore, just like any other secreted fluid from the body, cum can taste better, or worse, based on the regular dietary intake. Cum is made up of 90% seminal fluids comprising of fructose protein, as well as different mineral and nutrient traces. It is scientifically neutral with a pH of seven, though it has a slightly acidic taste. How can you get a sweeter taste?
Every male individual has a unique taste that is exclusive to him. However, this taste is normally the same: with a salty or bitter. Here are some things you may consider that will help you to enhance the taste of your cum.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is a crucial element in the human body. The seminal fluid is mostly comprised of water. This, in turn, affects the amount and taste of your seminal fluid. If you have an insufficient amount of water in your body, the amount of your ejaculate will be low in amount and may as well have a bad taste. Therefore, ensure you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. Sufficient water intake will not only eliminate toxins in your body – making your semen taste better, but also increase its volume leading to a more pleasurable sexual experience. Cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

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All these have a negative outcome on your general health. A continuous intake of these substances is known to make semen taste bitter. Ensure you avoid illegal drugs and quit smoking. Nonetheless, a moderated intake of alcohol may not have a negative impact on your sexual health. However, it may still affect the taste of your seminal fluid.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Keeping your body healthy is more likely to produce better-tasting semen as compared to a diseased body. Plan for regular physical checkups and ensure you are treated for any undiagnosed and diagnosed illnesses alike. Prescribed medications may also affect this taste, making it bitter. If this is the case, you cannot stop the intake of such medication to improve the taste of your body fluids, as this would compromise your health. However, you can consult and incorporate such medications with certain foods that would help reduce the sour taste.

Avoid Caffeine

An excessive intake of caffeine may not be a good idea if you intend to have better-tasting cum. Remember that this taste is often slightly salty. Therefore, whatever you ingest may make it temporarily sweeter or bitter.


As mentioned above, it cannot be said for sure that particular foods will improve the taste of your semen. Yet, various men have found that certain foods can help make it tastier and sweeter. Cinnamon is particularly acclaimed to make semen fluids taste better, as it is noted in detail in this article from Paco Penne in The Adonis Alpha. The simple incorporation of cinnamon into your regular diet is a simple way of temporarily boosting a man’s cum taste.

Proper Prostate Massage: Three Key Techniques

Milk After Stimulating the ProstateMost men realize that massaging the prostate is not only therapeutic but also pleasurable. However, finding the right massage technique isn’t always an easy task. The prostate is located about two inches up the perineum and is accessible through the anus which can make massage a challenge. There are a few key ways to massage this area effectively, so use these techniques to get started.

1. Beginning Method

If you’re not familiar with prostate massage, start with your legs slightly elevated. You may even want to stick a pillow underneath your middle. Start massaging your anus and the surrounding area. Keep in mind that using a lubricant will make this process easier. After you feel comfortable, gently press your index finger inside your anus until you notice a chestnut-sized bump. This is the prostate. Slowly use your index finger to make the “come here” motion. The pad of your finger can be facing towards or away from the prostate and adjust your speed as desired.

2. Intermediate Technique

In many cases, using your hand to massage your prostate may be challenging or difficult. If you’re careful, you can try using a small object such as a wooden drumstick. Only use a drumstick that has a rounded end and is no larger than the width of a finger. Using a condom and lubricant, start off on your hands and knees. Gently insert the drumstick into your anus until you come to the prostate. Maintain a light pressure and slowly slide the drumstick out about an inch. Continue with the backward and forward motion of the drumstick a comfortable amount of times. Use caution and avoid any jerky or rough movements.

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Final Technique

This final technique is similarly effective and can be used with a tool or a probe. You can purchase a commercial probe designed to massage the prostate and these tools can be very effective. Make sure to follow the directions and always use a lubricant for safety. Choose the position that’s easiest to maintain, keeping in mind that many men find that laying on their side or stomach is the easiest position. Insert the probe approximately four to five inches within the rectum and apply light but firm pressure towards the gland. You’ll feel an intense sensation when you reach the right area. Continue applying light pressure while pulling the drumstick out about two inches. You should feel a drop in the intensity at this time. Release the pressure and gently slide the probe in. Repeat this about five to ten times. For the last time, slide the probe in and hold pressure on the prostate, counting to ten. Jiffle lightly and then release the pressure. Repeat this step two or three times as desired.

You’ll notice after using these techniques that you’ll feel revitalized and experience greater blood flow to the area. Repeat as desired but always use caution. Without the appropriate technique. you’ll find that prostate massage is easier and more effective than ever. Try these techniques, starting with the first one and advance to find the best option for you.

Powerful Techniques to Masturbate and Finger a Girl

fingering-499756_640Foreplay is a very important aspect in getting you and your woman in the mood for sex. Most women find good foreplay essential for an explosive sex session. Using your fingers to do everything the right way will get your partner super wet and wanting you even more. The first thing you need to do is to turn her on. It is imperative before you begin working your way down her tummy using your hand that you turn her on fully first. Most women cannot resist the feeling of a stroke at the knees.

You can also kiss her gently along the collar bone area and generally make out with her passionately. Ensure that you know how to handle her breasts as you perform breast play on her. Once she appears to be completely turned on, initiate your fingers to give her maximum pleasure and an experience to remember. Herein are some of the techniques to masturbate and finger a girl that will come handy during your steamy moment between the sheets.

Up And Down Stroke

This powerful masturbation technique will get our girl started and is very easy to perform. Using one of your fingers, focus on the clit by rubbing up and down on one side of her vagina. If you want to stimulate her more, rub your finger precisely over her clit.

Finger Fucking

Most people refer to this technique as “fingering”. While finger fucking is the most popular way to finger a girl, most men don’t have any idea about it. Use one or two fingers that have been lubed to enter your girl. Begin with one finger and then introduce the second one if it is necessary. Start by focusing only on the first part of the vagina (around the opening) since it has numerous nerve ends. Move your finger in and out slowly while twisting your wrist in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction simultaneously. While at this, you can include clitoral stimulation so that she feels even better.

Continuous Orgasms

Women can have continuous orgasm after the climax period if you slow down right after orgasm, then keep on stimulating her once again.

The Squeeze

The squeeze is performed by placing your thumb and index finger on both sides of your girl’s clitoris. The next step will be to press down and inwards so that you are squeezing the folds of skin around the clit. Ensure that you begin with very moderate pressure.

Don’t Stop

Stopping when your girl is this close to orgasm is one of the worst things you could do. Keep working on her and do whatever it takes to get her over the edge. She may want a more vigor, thrusting pressure on her G spot which include a very intense flickering on her clitoris’s sweet spot as her orgasm builds. Just follow her moans, body language, and verbal commands but do not stop no matter what.

While masturbating and fingering your girl, you need to focus on two places, the G spot and the clitoris. It is also important to work the slopes and angles of her vagina to your advantage when fingering her.

Best Foods to Increase Your Cum Load

sperm-load-956480_640Every man desires to experience improved skills in bed for the benefit of both partners. For some, loads of sperm increase the chances of having children and for others, it increases the level of pleasure experienced during sex. But, have you ever thought how you would ejaculate more but can’t find a viable way to do so? Well, forget the sexual pills and surgery for now and try some natural tactics; the foods you eat. An abundance of sperm production is usually a sign that the testosterone level is high and your reproductive system is healthy. And so if you can stick to a certain diet, then you can start shooting huge cumshots every time you get intimate with your partner. Here are major foods that can increase your sperm volume.

1. Eggs

Eggs are charged with high protein and Vitamin E and that are largely responsible for the production of healthy and strong sperm in your testicles. In addition to that, studies have shown that eggs can prevent sperm cells from being destroyed by free radicals. Reasonable amount of eggs in your diet simply means healthy sperms and lots of cum.

2. Dark Chocolate

Loaded with L-Arginine, dark chocolate is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac you can try out. L-Arginine is basically an amino acid that that can not only increase your semen volume but also improve the intensity of your orgasm. Always remember to eat chocolate with moderation as overdoing it will make you gain weight which will in turn reduce your testosterone and subsequently your sperm count.

3. Bananas 

Ripe bananas contain Bromelain enzyme that is responsible for increased libido in males. They also have lots of Vitamin B that can increase your stamina, thus ensuring you have more energy for sexual encounters. With that, you can enjoy a harder erection and even shoot huge volumes of cum.

4. Oysters

These creatures of the sea are rich in Zinc, a mineral that is responsible for increased testosterone levels and sperm production. Sufficient amounts of this mineral guarantees you improved sexual desire, increased pleasure during sexual encounters and higher chances of conceiving.

5. Spinach 

Leafy green spinach is rich in folic acid. When your body experiences low levels of folate, there are increased chances of distorted sperm shapes i.e. sperms with two heads or two tails. Alongside helping you have high volumes of sperm, eating lots of spinach allows you to experience the following:

-Reduced risk of chromosomal abnormalities

-Sperms can easily reach the egg and fertilize it

-Reduced chances of birth defects

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Highly rich in phytosterols, pumpkin seeds can improve testosterone production to sufficient levels that can help increase your sperm count as well as your semen volume. And with the seeds also having high contents of essential fatty acids, there’s improved blood flow to the male reproductive system, which helps you enjoy stronger erection and proper ejaculation during sex.

7. Ginseng

For centuries now, Ginseng has been used as a powerful herb for improving sexual skills, based on its virility effects on men. Essentially, feeding on sufficient amounts increases your sexual drive, enhances your sexual performance and most importantly allows you to ejaculate more. The herb has also been use in treating erectile dysfunctions thus helping patients enjoy increased semen volume as well as sperm production.


If you’ve been experiencing low production of sperm count and little ejaculation, now you have all the ingredients to help you turn your once ordinary sperm to a super-sperm. All these foods can help you achieve double your cum load and that will help you enjoy improved sexual pleasure and that of your partner. The diet is simply the cheapest and most effective way to go if you’re experiencing low sperm volume.

Sex Positions To Give A Girl An Orgasm That Is Intense And Long

pussy-eating-1238553_640Women outlast men in bed so often that it is a joke. If you have this problem check out these three hot sex positions and three hot tips to make yourself last longer in bed. It is more a strategy and then a decision than a physical capability. Read these powerful tips and then try it tonight…

Women can have seven different types of orgasms and hundreds of thousands of combinations of orgasms. Most of these climaxes are not determined by the penis. If men want to turn their woman on like never before they should learn these orgasm types and some of the combinations. The combinations can be obtained in many positions, but some positions are easier than others to succeed.

Ask her about her wildest and best-unfulfilled fantasy.

Then, mentally, help her obtain a no-touch orgasm. Many women can readily achieve this. They can do this by getting scalding and internally rubbing themselves.

This is a very hot orgasm and seems to put them in a state that they want more orgasms much more. You can do this in any position, but I prefer a car, a picnic on the beach, or something out of the ordinary. Not the bed.

Some women feel self-conscious after a no-touch orgasm, but you should tell her that it is great. Not every woman can have one and if she can then she is very fortunate. Now even if she doesn’t have one she will be so turned on that she will be ravenous for your touch! So, either way, you win!

Give her the wildest oral and manual orgasms she’s ever had!

Obviously, you want to reach all of her hot spots so I’d suggest a position where she is lying on the bed. Then, slowly turn her to go by lots of kissing and hot making out. Make her tell you or bring your hand to her breasts. That’s when you know she’s ready for the next step. Then suck and lick her nipples like they are the greatest in the world. If you do it right, you have a great chance to give her a breast orgasm.

When she’s taken your hand or asked you to go between her legs then you know she’s ready. Work her clit slowly, lightly, but steadily. Tease her so much she can’t stand it. After she has a clitoral orgasm, work on her g-spot. It will take a more persistent, firm pressure. Use two fingers and give her a “come hither” touch. After she has had this orgasm, and perhaps combinations of the above, you are actually ready for the main event.

Now is the time for intercourse!

She will not ask you when she gets to this point. She will TELL YOU! She will PULL YOU DOWN! That’s how you know. She will beg you for it. If she is lying on the edge of the bed, with her hips upraised by a pillow or love mat, and you are standing up at the foot of the bed, you can hit all of her spots!

Let her guide you to what feels great. She will tell you in terms you can’t mistake. Slowly rub against her clit and her g-spot. Now you should be so ready to go! Since she’s had some introductory orgasms, she will be willing for you to take her to heaven. She doesn’t want you to take her to the prom – she wants you to take her to the moon!

The Best Exercise To Make Your Dick Bigger

big-cock-1238714_640Many gurus sharing an exercise to make your dick bigger leave out two very important details; that is the two to three days break from the routine to allow healing of penile tissues and keeping your dick protected from injury. Overdoing exercises can cause harm and doesn’t help you achieve growth at all. It is also important that you apply heat from a towel soaked in warm water for a few minutes, and then wring the towel semi-dry before wrapping it around your dick. The heat is your sole protection from exercise injuries.

Now, there are three basic – but very effective – exercises to achieve a longer, thicker and helps in coming up with stronger erections. While each exercise to make your dick bigger is different from the others, be reminded to take off 2-3 days, and the towel wrap before each routine.

The first exercise is called dick stretching. With your index finger and thumb, form an “OK” hand sign. Then grab your dick head firmly and stretch your dick in front for fifteen seconds. Shake your dick for restored blood circulation after this, and repeat the process several times. These times, stretch your dick up, down or left, making sure you stretched it in all these instances to all directions.

The next routine helps you get a bulkier dick and it’s called the Jelq routine. You would need a lubricant to perform this exercise. Even with a semi-erection, this routine is possible. Like the first exercise, just form an “OK” grip and then move your hand firmly but gently to the dick head. Once you reach the head, do the same with your other hand until such time that you’ve done this exercise a hundred times. Remember, to keep the blood flow healthy, always shake your dick after each session.

Once you’re done with the Jelq exercise to make your dick bigger in terms of thickness, you could increase the routine to 125. Of course, take a few days off after this. After a month, you’d have attained 200 Jelq exercises.

The last exercise is called the PC flex which gives you stronger and added virility. Unlike the other two, this exercise activates the PC muscles that are responsible for holding your erection longer. It’s simply about repeatedly squeezing your dick for five second and then letting go. It’s best to start with 50 repetitions, gradually increasing twenty more each week.

Like any health and body building exercises, consistency is a must to achieve long lasting results. While it may take a while to see the effects on an exercise to make your dick bigger, discipline yourself to do the routines properly and consistently and your effort will surely pay off. The best thing about this exercise is that it does not take very long and it will help you to have a bigger dick for life. We’ve already discussed the Jelqing method which is the contraction and flexing exercise of the sphincter muscle, which is used to control both the urinary flows and bowel movements as well. There’s a very strong muscle and one that controls a lot of the dick activity since it needs to our inseparably attached.