A Health Guide On How to Increase Your Sperm Count in 3 Easy Ways

Ejaculate Sperm FurtherMale fertility is an important topic of discussion in everyone’s life; this is because it determines our sex life, our personal relationship with our spouses and also forms a strong basis in family planning. Over the number of years there has been a growing concern of male infertility issues and as such there is a strong need to understand the causes of male infertility, aspects that affect male fertility, causes of infertility and most importantly learn on the ways to improve your sperm count so as to boost your chances of having a baby with your spouse.


Below are the major factors that affect your fertility as a man:

· Libido (Sex drive); this refers to your desire of having sex. Having a low sex drive greatly decreases fertility in men.

· Erectile dysfunction; this is where you are unable to maintain or develop an erection.

· Sperm count; refers to the overall number of sperm cells in a given amount of semen. Your sperm count also determines your semen’s quality.

· Testosterone levels; Testosterone is a sex hormone that regulates your sex drive as a man, it’s responsible for bone mass, muscle strength, and fat distribution. Having a low testosterone level accounts as the major cause of infertility.

Sperm motility; this refers to the movement of a sperm in a given sample of semen. In order to have normal sperm motility, you must have a sperm movement of at least 40 percent.

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1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise keeps your body strong and fit. Regular exercise also increases your testosterone levels which in turn leads to the production of more sperms. Moreover, regular exercise greatly improves your semen quality. Therefore, find a good workable exercise routine (it’s advisable to lift heavy weights). However, ensure that you don’t over-exercise as over-exercising causes the body to release adrenal steroid hormones which are responsible for testosterone deficiency. Also, avoid consuming anabolic steroids; such steroids are used by people to build up their muscles quickly, but at the same time these steroids will shrink your testicles causing infertility.

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2. Avoid exposing your testicles to too much heat

Excessive heat is another major cause of male infertility. Exposing your testicles to too much heat is harmful to your sperms as heat reduces sperm motility and in worse cases it kills them. Moreover, when your testicles are exposed to too much heat, they are not able to sufficiently produce enough sperms. Avoid wearing tight jeans or pants, wear loose underwear’s made of cotton, and if possible sleep without underwear and finally avoid hot baths or saunas.

3. Reduce your stress level

Stress reduces sperm production. Prolonged stress raises the level of the hormone cortisol which has an inverse relationship with the hormone testosterone i.e. when cortisol goes up, testosterone levels go down. Reduce stress by trying out relaxing techniques such as meditation, practicing yoga, talking a nature walk, and spending some quality time with friends. Also try and get enough sleep as exhaustion is a major cause of increased stress.


Male infertility is caused by many factors such as genetics, general health, fitness issues, diseases, and dietary contaminants. However, low sperm count accounts as the major cause of male infertility among men and as such, necessary steps ought to be undertaken so as to improve one’s sperm count. The major ways to improve your sperm count are as discussed above (Ensure you exercise regularly, avoid exposing your testicles to too much heat and reduce your stress levels).